Hoxton Gallery



HGHQ 366 City Road,
London EC1V 2PY


Hoxton Gallery: Exploring Boundaries of Artistic Expression

Hoxton Gallery, nestled in the heart of the vibrant Shoreditch neighbourhood, is a contemporary art space dedicated to promoting emerging artists and cutting-edge creative expressions. Since its establishment, Hoxton Gallery has become a dynamic hub for innovative art and a catalyst for fostering new talents.

With a focus on showcasing works that challenge convention and explore the boundaries of artistic expression, Hoxton Gallery offers visitors a refreshing and thought-provoking experience. The gallery’s exhibitions span various mediums, from captivating paintings and sculptures to multimedia installations and interactive displays, providing a diverse and immersive journey through contemporary art.

Hoxton Gallery’s commitment to nurturing emerging artists is evident in its regular artist residencies and collaborative projects, offering a platform for experimentation and growth. The gallery’s curatorial team curates exhibitions that address current societal issues and push artistic boundaries, fostering a space where creativity and critical discourse intersect.

Beyond its captivating exhibitions, Hoxton Gallery hosts a range of engaging events, including artist talks, workshops, and panel discussions, creating an inclusive environment for art enthusiasts and the local community to connect with the creative process. Its accessible and welcoming atmosphere encourages visitors of all backgrounds to engage with the contemporary art scene in Shoreditch.

Hoxton Gallery stands as a testament to the thriving artistic spirit of Shoreditch, where traditional art forms blend harmoniously with cutting-edge expressions, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an authentic and inspiring encounter with contemporary art.