Jealous Gallery



53 Curtain Road,
London EC2A 3PT


Jealous Gallery: Celebrating Urban Art and Printmaking

Jealous Gallery, situated in the artistic enclave of Shoreditch, London, is a dynamic and influential contemporary art space with a passion for celebrating printmaking and urban art. Founded as a print studio, Jealous Gallery has grown into a prominent platform that champions both emerging and established artists from diverse backgrounds.

With a distinctive focus on urban and street art, the gallery offers a unique perspective on contemporary culture, reflecting the vibrant energy and creativity of Shoreditch itself. Jealous Gallery’s exhibitions feature a diverse range of printmaking techniques, including screen printing, etching, and lino-cutting, showcasing the versatility and innovation of this medium.

Jealous Gallery takes pride in its commitment to nurturing emerging talents and fostering a collaborative environment that encourages artists to push the boundaries of printmaking. Through its residency programs and artist-led workshops, the gallery provides artists with the resources and support they need to experiment and grow in their craft.

At the heart of Jealous Gallery’s ethos is a dedication to making art accessible to all. The gallery’s welcoming and inclusive atmosphere invites visitors to engage with the art, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation for the creativity on display. Whether you’re an art connoisseur or a first-time visitor, Jealous Gallery offers an enriching and immersive experience that reflects the cutting-edge art scene of Shoreditch.

As a leading space for urban and contemporary printmaking, Jealous Gallery continues to inspire and challenge both artists and art enthusiasts alike, pushing the boundaries of this expressive medium and contributing to the ever-evolving art landscape of Shoreditch.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday 10am-6pm