Top 5 Japanese Cuisine Restaurants in Shoreditch

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Shoreditch offers a diverse range of sushi restaurants, with options ranging from traditional Japanese sushi bars to fusion-style eateries. Many of these restaurants use high-quality and fresh ingredients, with a focus on traditional preparation techniques to ensure the highest quality sushi possible. Here are the top five sushi restaurants in Shoreditch.


Sanjugo is a modern Japanese restaurant offering a unique fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. The menu features a range of creative and innovative dishes, including sushi rolls, ceviche, and grilled skewers, as well as a selection of cocktails and sake. The restaurant’s interior is chic and modern, with a sleek and minimalist design.


Nobu restaurant is known for its fusion cuisine, which combines traditional Japanese dishes with South American ingredients and cooking techniques. The menu features a wide range of dishes, including sushi, sashimi, tempura, and signature dishes like black cod with miso and rock shrimp tempura. The restaurant’s interior is sleek and contemporary, with a chic bar area and a large dining room with an open kitchen.


Itsu is a contemporary Asian-inspired restaurant that offers a variety of healthy and delicious dishes, such as sushi rolls, dim sum, salads, and hot bowls. Itsu also offers a range of vegan and gluten-free options. The restaurant is popular for both sit-down meals and takeaways, with a focus on quick and healthy options for busy diners.

Shoryu Ramen

Shoryu Ramen is a popular Japanese restaurant specializing in authentic Hakata-style ramen. The menu features a variety of delicious ramen dishes made with rich and flavorful broths. In addition to ramen, the restaurant also offers a selection of small plates and sides, such as gyozas, bao buns, and crispy chicken karaage.


Tonkotsu restaurant is known for its delicious and authentic ramen. The restaurant offers a variety of ramen dishes, including their signature “Tonkotsu” ramen, made with a rich and creamy pork broth and topped with succulent slices of char siu pork. In addition to ramen, Tonkotsu also serves a range of small plates, such as gyoza and karaage, as well as Japanese-inspired cocktails and beers.

In conclusion, Shoreditch is a hub for Japanese cuisine in London, with several excellent restaurants offering a variety of dishes and styles. From traditional ramen at Tonkotsu and Shoryu Ramen to fusion cuisine at Nobu, and healthy options at Itsu, there is something for everyone’s taste and dietary needs.

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